Sanne talks about scale-ups, growth, culture and ethics. She has done multiple readings for the corporate world, government and universities in the Netherlands and abroad. If you want to book Sanne, please contact Kiki@thenextspeaker.com.

Ethics in technology
Kanis talks about the moral aspects in tech and thinks too little attention is paid to ethics, internally (because of a lack of behavioural rules and pressure of investors) as well as externally (because of a lack of regulation by the government and authorities). She defines the dangers of data exploitation for consumers. She pleads for more supervision and regulation within the tech sector, different reward structures and more attention for moral aspects.

A call for morality in tech


Inclusive algorithms
An interesting and current reading about diversity in tech. How do algorithms impair women and what are some of the negative consequences for them? How can we evolve towards equality for women (and other groups) in tech and strive for a future with fair algorithms?

Sanne Kanis gave the Annie Romein Verschoorlezing 2021: ‘Inclusive algorithms’ in honour of International Womens’ Day – Universiteit Leiden

Hypergrowth in tech
What if your company is growing rapidly? Sanne Kanis shares lessons and insights from her time at Google, Spotify and Booking.com in which she worked at strategical, international positions. She combines insights and case studies on hypergrowth, culture and innovation from the tech corporates and shares do’s and don’ts from the start-ups and scale-ups that she has coached in the past years. An energetic, unique reading filled with fun anecdotes and valuable lessons from tech’s leading listed companies.

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